About Us

Welcome to Deaf Entertainment Access Foundation! (D.E.A.F.)

D.E.A.F. was established as a New York State Non-Profit organization on July 29, 2013. With the advent of movie theaters opting to provide caption glasses and Rear View technology, less and less theaters were providing Open Caption movies. D.E.A.F. was created to help reverse this trend and bring back Open Caption movies for the Deaf community to enjoy without cumbersome caption glasses or added equipment.

Our goals are to provide equal access to open captions at several movie theaters throughout out NYC, Westchester and Long Island.

All money raised by our organization goes directly into activities for the Deaf community.

Through fund raising efforts and community events, D.E.A.F. provides the following:

  • Discounted OC Movies (Free membership required)
  • Educational Activities (through movies for public/private schools with special needs programs)
  • Family Fun Community and Movie Activities

Your continued support is needed to help D.E.A.F. provide more locations in the future where open-captioned movies can be shown.